Grandview Chapel Sermons

We've provided a selection of sample sermons.  Our sermons are crafted in such a way as to answer these questions:

  • Who is God?
  • Who is Man (people = Adamic Race)?
  • How does God relate to people?
  • How should people relate to God?
  • How should people relate to self and others?
  • What is this all about?
  • How does this magnify the Lord? (Psalm 40:16)

We hope you are blessed, encouraged, strengthened, challenged, changed!  To hear more sermons, feel free to come by for a visit!

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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
For the Glory of God Tony Vigar 2019-12-29 General Topics
Life Skills - Am I Wise Tony Vigar 2016-02-21 Life Skills - Judging with Good Judgement
Be God's Gift Luke 2:36-38 Tony Vigar 2015-12-06 General Topics
Chief End of Man Part 2 Tony Vigar 2015-10-11 General Topics
Chief End of Man Part 1 Tony Vigar 2015-09-27 General Topics
Thine is the Kingdom Tony Vigar 2015-09-20 General Topics
Walk In Step With the Spirit Tony Vigar 2015-05-03 General Topics
The Spirit of Strength Isaiah 11:2 Tony Vigar 2015-04-26 Seven Fold Spirit of God
Prayer with Precision Pastor Arlo Johnson 2015-04-19 General Topics
It Only Looks Like I'm Losing Tony Vigar 2015-03-29 General Topics
Hanging by a Thread John 14:6 Tony Vigar 2014-08-31 I Am
The Inscription Part 2 Rob Nock 2014-07-27 General Topics
Excuse Me, I AM in the Way John 14:6 Tony Vigar 2014-07-20 I Am
The Inscription Rob Nock 2014-07-13 General Topics
When the I AM Turns His Back on You John 13:31-14:7 Tony Vigar 2014-07-06 I Am
Die and Live John 11:25-26 Tony Vigar 2014-06-29 I Am
God's Got This John 11:25-26 Tony Vigar 2014-06-22 I Am
The I AM Killing for Eternal Life John 11:15-42 Tony Vigar 2014-06-15 I Am
Influence in a Social Context John 11 Tony Vigar 2014-06-08 I Am
God of Our In and Outs John 10:9 Tony Vigar 2014-06-01 I Am

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